Rosasharn PLW Bella Sonata

Photo Courtesy of Sandi Walters of MeadowMist Nigerians

Bella is a doe i am very fortunate to have in my herd. I would love her foreudder to be a staple in the future of our breeding program


Sire: Rosasharn Prince Liteningwhelk *B EEE 91

Dam: Rosasharn SH Lyric 5*M

SMF WJ Anneliese


Anneliese or "Annie" was the gateway goat. She holds the keys to our hearts & our farm. The plus side to her being our favorite is that she also packs a beautiful structure & pedigree.


Sire: Gibson Farm Bo Waylon Jennings

Dam: Gibson Farm RL Sparkle



Gibson Farm BJ Fionna

This doe is a wonderful matriarch to our herd!

Sire: Hog Black Jack

Dam: Better Blues JD Right as Rain